Where I Am From?


I am from doll of dough,

From play of dust to never ending soccer.

I am from the heat of burning wood and sound of running water 

From smell of natural flowers and scents.

I am from teachings of lord Buddha. 

Which gave new meaning to life 


I am from the gift of New Year and 10 rupees from relatives 

From love of mother and teasing of uncle.

I am from generosity and honesty 

And from compassionate and hardworking family.


I am from please have some more and respect your elders

And care for youngster 

I am from never give up, cause everything going to be alright.

I am from snow and one who lost his country to some other.

Softness of barely and warmth of butter tea.

From the sacrifices and hard work of my beloved father.


The invasion of fatherland.

I am from stories of my parents struggle as refuge.

I am from the memories and kind gestures of my mom, “did you eat something?”

To the heartfelt stories from my grandpa that lie within me.


By Tenzin Yangser 




Here I Go Again

Standing in the middle of way,

I don’t know where I am going 

It’s a long journey 

So many miles to go…

In search of answer

What is life? Who I am? What’s the truth?

And I have made up my mind 

That I ain’t wasting any time.


I have walk in this path to reach 

The place, where whole world would come and see me

I know this one will be hard 

But here I go again


Listening to the air that pass by

Asking for the direction where to go???

Why this journey is so enticing,

I wonder if I am lost!!!


Who knows what awaits next 

Lost in my head, waiting for someone to save 

Yet this is my journey 

I want to start it again 


Right back from beginning,

What I have started needed to be end 

I know this one will be hard 

But here I go again…